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Ludhiana is the largest city in Punjab and is one among the list of smart cities to be developed by the Indian government. As per the World Bank, it is the easiest city in India to do business with and is also one of the largest manufacturers of domestic sewing machines. The city also produces the largest share of winter clothing and due to its dominance in the textile industry, it is often referred to as the ‘Manchester of India’.
The residents of Ludhiana commute in and around the city either for studies, business, or work and hence, the city has good roads that are well connected to other parts of India. Owning a car in Ludhiana has become more of a necessity which is why most of the lenders offer car loans to its residents to help them fulfil their dream of buying a car. These loans are quickly processed, requires minimal documentation and allows repayment in easy equated monthly instalments (EMIs).