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Instant Cash Loan in Mumbai

Instant cash loans in Mumbai are unsecured short-term cash loans with repayment tenure between 30 days and 90 days. This loan is provided in form of small cash loan on our website. While the traditional banks hold a high demand for loans in the market, the instant cash loan in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and Thane has allowed people to get anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 50,000 the same day of the loan approval. It is often preferred when a person has urgent need of money.

Sudden expenses can put financial stress, but now with small cash loan, such circumstances can be handled immediately. Bizano is one of the leading cash loan providers in Mumbai. One can avail instant cash if he/she is resident in Mumbai and a salaried individual with minimum income of Rs. 25,000 monthly.

Instant Cash Loan in Mumbai Details
Loan Amount Rs. 10 thousand to Rs. 50 thousand
Loan Tenure 30 days to 90 days
Interest Rate 0.1% per day

Why Apply for Instant Cash Loan Mumbai on Bizano?

At Bizano, you can apply for instant cash loan online in Mumbai. You can check all related features such as quantum of loan, amount of loan, processing fees, interest rates, and other conditions, at one page. You can also quickly apply for small cash loan on our website without having to visit our office. It is simple and easy, and you can upload all the required documents online. Disbursal is done at the soonest, and you can keep a track of your loan application on the website.

How to Apply for Instant Cash Loans in Mumbai?

Visit the homepage of Bizano and click on the icon of ‘small cash loan’. Provide the necessary details as asked on the new page.

  • The details you need to enter are your monthly salary, the EMIs you pay per month, place you live in, employer’s name, loan amount needed, tenure of loan, first name, last name, your email id and mobile number, and PAN Card number.
  • Once you fill these details, click ‘Apply’.
  • After reviewing your instant cash loan Mumbai application, our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

Features of Instant Cash Loan Mumbai, India

  1. Quick Online Application for Instant Cash Loan in Mumbai in India

You are not asked to visit our physical address; you can simply apply for bizano instant cash loan in Mumbai at our website. The complete application process takes place online, and can be done in minutes. You can check small cash loan EMI calculator absolutely free on our website. Besides, the eligibility or answer to whether you qualify for the loan or not are decided instantly, so no waiting period is involved. Thus, the application process is effortless and very quick.

  1. No Hidden Costs on Instant Cash Loan Mumbai

The company does not believe in charging any hidden fee. They find the processing fee to be a cost rising expense for the customer and believe that imposing such cost will not be able actually to help the borrower. The company, thus, aims to compress the cost of availing the loan.

  1. Good Interest Rates and Easy Credit Access

The fast cash loan apply process ensures that you are charged nominal rate of interest and have comfortable access to the credit compared to what a loan based on a low credit score would have fetched you.

Instant Cash Loan Mumbai Interest Rates

Small cash loan interest rate is as low as 0.1% per day, but varies as per individual profile. Keep a check on this page to note the updated quick loan interest rate for the current year.

Instant Cash Loan Mumbai Eligibility Calculator

Small cash loan eligibility may differ from one candidate to another. You can also use free-of-cost small cash loan eligibility calculator at Bizano. The tenure is up to 90 days and maximum borrowing amount is Rs. 50 thousand.

Requirements for Applying for Instant Cash loans in Mumbai

  • Eligibility Criteria: The minimum salary required is Rs. 25,000. The person must have a credit score of 600 and above. The person must be employed with the employer for a period of at least 3 months.
  • Documents Required: Only minimal and basic documents requires such as identity proof and current address proof in form of Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID card, driver’s licence, passport, electricity bill, utility bill etc. You need to provide income proof such as salary slip, bank statements, and your credit score will be checked.
  • Interest Rate: The interest rate is as low as 0.01% per day.

Other Terms: You have to provide post-dated cheques as per repayment terms and conditions. Additional charges will be applied as decide per loan agreement, on delay in loan EMI payment.